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Rent Cheap Small Conference Rooms and Meeting Rooms in Dusseldorf

Our conference rooms and meeting rooms near the Konigsallee (KÖ) in Dusseldorf center are ideal for meetings or discussions in small groups of up to 10 people. - Hire us.

Our small conference room is centrally located, right on Königsallee, just 5 minutes from the main train station in Düsseldorf city center.

Rent Cheap Small Conference Rooms in Downtown Dusseldorf

Companies, educational institutions and educational academies particularly appreciate our central location and accessibility by public transport as well as the direct access to the conference room via Jahnstraße 17.

We offer you the highest degree of individuality to present yourself and your company.


Small meeting room for 1 to 8 people
Meeting room with a large meeting table

4x4m with a large window front
Ideal for 1-8 people
Large block board
Ceiling / roller blind canvas (203x203)
Rollable flipchart
2 x Whiteboard 120x90
1 x Whiteboard 90x60
Felt presentation board 120x150
Moderation case
Coffee machine
small filled fridge
Power and 2 USB charging ports in the middle of the desk.

Benefits: Meeting or discussion. Our small DUS conference room is ideal for meetings or discussions in small groups of up to 6 people. Its large window front creates a particularly friendly room climate.

Daily rate:
Depending on the number of participants
All-IN from 99,00 €
day and space


Very popular

Small meeting room for 2 to 10 people
Block board, circle of chairs

4x5m with large window
Ideal for 1-10 people
1 panel of 2 tables
1 ceiling / roller blind canvas (203x203))
1 ceiling / roller blind canvas (180x180)
Rollable flipchart
2 x whiteboards 120x100
small whiteboard
Felt presentation board 120x150
Moderation case
Coffee machine
Power and 2 USB charging ports

Benefits: Our KÖ conference room offers you maximum flexibility for your presentations thanks to 2 separate screens. The equipment is based on your requirements as a block table for meetings, conferences, owner meetings, circles of chairs for group seminars or as a theater for small performances.

Daily rate:
Depending on the number of participants
All-IN from 99,00 €
day and space


Conference room with a central location

Conference room between ► Königsallee 100m ► Main station 1km ► Medienhafen 1.5km ► Exhibition center or airport 8km in Dusseldorf.

Book us ALL-IN:

Contains the entire desired ✔ conference technology as well as all ✔ hot and cold drinks. (Filled small drinks fridge with water, cola and soda) ✔ Nespresso machine with coffee capsules

Meeting room opening hours

You can book our conference, training and meeting or meeting rooms 7 days a week, including Saturdays and Sundays.

Conference room rental prices:

ALL-IN offers are paid on the day of the event against invoice at the CHECK-IN in cash or by credit card.

Free Cancellations:

Maximum flexibility. Free cancellations are possible via a short SMS or WhatsApp message up to 12 hours before the start of the event.

Do you plan regular events?

Of course, we would be happy to make you a tailor-made price offer. Please contact us on 0151.17535448 or send us a short message.

We create an optimal basis for creativity, dynamism and innovation!

Best for:

Small conferences, seminars, meetings, chair groups and retreats in small groups. Owners' meetings can also be held in the Konigsallee KO area.

Our small conference rooms are ideal for:

Group work, as a day office or for interviews to receive interlocutors appropriately in a professional environment. Wireless LAN, TV and a separate bathroom/toilet are available here. Your employee seminar is in just as good hands here as, for example, a quarterly meeting or a retreat for upper management.


Features of our meeting room DUS: Bright and flooded with light, on the ground floor with a large 2x2m window front, small adjoining room with an additional meeting table for 2 people and its own sanitary facilities. Dimmable. Direct access to the street.

Meeting room for owner meetings, property management meetings and for document checks in Düsseldorf.

As a property management company, we can offer you a neutral and quiet meeting room for your owners' meetings / property management meetings in Düsseldorf.


Features of our training room in Düsseldorf - DUS: Bright and flooded with light, on the ground floor with large 2x2m window front, small adjoining room with additional meeting table for 2 people and own sanitary facilities. Direct access via Jahnstraße 17.

Home office, video conferencing or just learning for the ABI and no quiet workplace far and wide?

In these difficult times, it is probably difficult for many people to find a quiet workplace for the home office in a shared flat or a stable, fast line for your upcoming video conference.
Our conference room can also be booked as a workplace for just a day, a week or as a long-term rental for a month. Depending on your needs from €50 per day. In many cases, even a possible reimbursement or partial reimbursement by your employer is possible?

Would you like a training room with a circle of chairs?

Our small conference room KÖ can be set up for a circle of chairs with up to 12 chairs for active seminars and training courses.

We are also happy to answer questions about availability and prices directly and without obligation by telephone +49.151.17535448 or via WhatsAPP.

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Meeting room location in Dusseldorf
Between the main station 1km and Konigsallee 100m in Dusseldorf.

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